Monday update

Well today is Monday (yes, I had to look that up)…

Since I last checked in, it’s difficult to describe everything that has happened.

From Calenick I made it only to Truro where I stayed on Friday to rest my feet. I ended up staying with a Buddhist and his partner, who has written essays on the Dhammapada (what are the chances in Truro!) and is a wellbeing coach. He gave me a little bottle of what I’ve come to call “magic ointment” which I think is based on aryuvedic medicine. It seems to help the blisters, so I’ve been strapping them up with zinc oxide tape in the day, and putting the onitment on at night and letting them air.

From Truro I went to a little campsite just outside Sticker and stayed there on Saturday night. Pretty campsite where everyone was very friendly. What I’ve realised though is that whole campsites might be good for people arriving by car and staying for a few days, if you’re travelling longer than that and need clothes washing, very few will be geared up for that. It’s also quite difficult to tend to my feet etc and keep everything clean when camping.

From there I headed through St Austell on Sunday, stopping in at Asda to get medical provisions (rash cream) and mozzarella and tomato wrap, some fruit both of which were amazing, and some museli bars to take for the journey. I also threw away my my old socks which I had tried to handwash to not much effect which had never had time to dry, and got new ones.

Back on the road again –

I was stopped by the police in the morning…I saw the police car drive past and then come back past me and pull up in a layby ahead of me. I thought, “here we go…” Turns out they’d had a call about some bloke walking down the road waving a machete about, but when they saw it was just me (some nutter walking down the road beating a drum and chanting) they said good luck and let me on my way.

This unusual hot weather is quite draining, so important to stay hydrated. Lots of drivers waving or tooting. Maybe this post should be called, “the goodness of people part 2). One guy gave me a magnum ice cream outside Asda. One lady came out from her house to give me a bottle of water on the way past (thanks Joanne), one couple invited me into their home in St Blazey and gave me a drink of water (thanks Danny’s mum). I’d met her son Danny the night before at the campsite near sticker. Small world. A couple of people have given me money along the way to buy food.

Last night (Sunday night) I arrived in Lostwithiel around 7pm, quite tired, feet very sore. Bob and Toops very kindly put me up for the night, cooked me dinner and made me breakfast in the morning. Toops even washed some of my clothes (I’m sure I must smell fairly medieval by now!) And made me a packed lunch.

Today I’m heading to Liskeard. I’d wanted to go a bit further, but the heat is sapping my energy, and that combined with my feet and other ailments, and drumming all the way probably means I’m only doing about 2 miles an hour.

Thank you everyone who’s tooted, said hi, given me money, water, ice cream or anything else on the way. It really has kept me going.

Gassho to all (palms together in respect)

4 thoughts on “Monday update”

  1. Thank you for your update, I was getting worried. And I am glad you meet such good people on the road. Consider buying an extra pair of sneakers. Changing shoes and socks after a couple of hours walking is very good and the shoes need to be aired out too.
    I will continue to to support you with my Odaimoku

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  2. Continued success on your Spiritual Quest Kanse. I look forward to reading about the next leg of your journey. I am so happy that most people are being very magnanimous towards you!… no more than you deserve! … safe travels.


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